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This service in provided in partnership with Verify-ED.

Verify-ED is a full-service background screening company with custom packages (see below). Please note that Verify-ED provides specific pricing for graduates of the Matchmaking Institute and members of the Professional and Certified Matchmakers' Network. Contact the Matchmaking Institute to receive your unique Discount ID.

Basic Package
This package is intended for the Matchmakers who want to conduct basic background screening services. The package prices range from $19.00 to $53.00 (depending on state) and includes:
  • Address Verification
  • Sex Offender Database
  • County Criminal Search - 7-year history on 1 identity

Here are sample prices for a few states in which some matchmakers operate:

State Basic Package Price
Alaska $19.00
California $28.00
Colorado $21.00
New York $41.00
Virginia $19.00

Intermediate Package
In addition to the elements of the Basic Package (county criminal, address verification and sex offender), this package includes a 7-year State Criminal Search on 1 identity. These packages range from $19.00 to $158.00, depending on the state.

State Intermediate Package Price
Alaska $41.00
California $28.00*
Colorado $38.00
New York $158.00
Virginia $42.00

* There is no CA state criminal search

Premium Package
This package is one more tier up from the Intermediate Package. It includes all of the elements of the Intermediate Package in addition to a Federal Criminal Search. These packages range from $37 to $176.

State Premium Package Price
Alaska $59.00
California $46.00*
Colorado $56.00
New York $176.00
Virginia $60.00

A La Carte
Individual verifications can be mixed-and-matched as desired. Matchmakers receive a 10% discount on all of the prices detailed on our website with Matchmaking Institute's Discount ID. Prices for Matchmakers start at $5.00.

Custom Packages
We recognize that each Matchmaker has individual needs and we work with the Matchmakers to create individualized packages.

Complimentary Contract Review
Our lawyer also reviews the Matchmakerís client contracts to ensure that it contains the proper legalese to encompass background screening and the associated consent. This review is invaluable in protecting Matchmakers from potential legal issues.

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Background Screening: Marriage and Divorce Record Searches

There has been a recurring question among our matchmaking clients: How can you check whether a client is / has been married or divorced?

The simple answer is: if someone wants to hide the information, you may never know. Here are the reasons why:

- There is no central database of marriage and divorce records in the United States.
- Many states consider these vital records confidential and they restrict access to this information.
- These records are often maintained at the county level, so you must know the exact county and state in which you want to search.
- International marriages and divorces are often not registered within a state (but if they are registered, the information would be held at the U.S. Department of State).
- The turnaround for vital records research can take months to complete.

If you are determined to research a personís marital / divorce status, there are ways that you can try to get this done:
- Although states and counties will not release certified copies of vital records, they will often issue uncertified copies or verifications.
- Services like VitalCheck are available to assist in submitting your search request, although it can be costly and they may not be able to return search results if the information is restricted.
- Vital records may be restricted, but county / civil court records are public. You can search court records for divorce decrees, but you will need to know in which county to search.
- Some credit reporting agencies may indicate a spouse, but this information may not be reliable.
- Hire a private investigator.

There are background screening providers who claim that they can verify marital status. Please investigate these services thoroughly and request that they provide the source of the information and guarantee the result.

Click here for a list of states that will release vital record verifications.