3 Easy Steps to Become a Pro!

Below you will find all the information to become a Professional Matchmaker approved by Matchmaking Pro.

Home Study KitSTEP 1 - Professional Matchmaking Start-Up Kit

Thoroughly read the Matchmaking Institute's Matchmaking Business Start-Up Kit. This interactive 425-page manual is designed to get you actively thinking about why you want to be a matchmaker, the skills you have to offer and the skills you want/need to acquire or refine. Most importantly, this workbook will provide you with all the information you need to become a successful Professional Matchmaker.

The Professional Matchmaking Start-Up Kit is the only mandatory material you are requested to purchase.
Your Kit includes:
✓ Answers to hundreds of questions you may have
✓ Tips to avoid pitfalls
✓ Sample forms to screen clients & matches
✓ Sample agreements

Once you have read it and have completed all exercises included at the end of each section, you can submit the business plan form enclosed in your kit, and send it for review to the Matchmaking Institute. As part of the review process, you will be interviewed over the phone and may be asked additional questions.

You will then have the opportunity to go to the next steps.

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STEP 2 - Setting up your Business:

Once you have read our Start-Up Kit and have completed all exercises included at the end of each section, you can submit the business plan form enclosed in your kit, and send it for review to the Matchmaking Institute. As part of the review process, you may be interviewed over the phone and may be asked additional questions. This process is free.

Set-up your company, open a dedicated website, and be ready to take on your first client. In the meantime, you should read and sign the agreement adhering to the Matchmaking Institute's Code of Ethics.

The Matchmaking Institute can help you in this process.

- Get Support from Industry Experts
The Matchmaking Institute strongly recommends the "Jump Start Your Business" help line package. You’ll put your business on the right track, enabling success and profitability, with the help of amazing industry experts. Hands-on, practical advice from experts focusing on three major areas of study: sales, personal coaching and business model review.

Experts/Mentors will help you:
✓ Outline a short-term plan of action in the areas of sales and coaching
✓ Refine your business model and packages
✓ Firm up your company's client service solutions
✓ Fight objections
✓ Improve your script and sales strategy

This expert help line is optional and offered over the phone as one-one sessions or in group sessions, your choice. More packages are available at Matchmakers 911.

- Get a Professional Website

A professionally design website template. You will be able to choose one from up to six different templates. Changes to template include: Font color, size and type, background color, logo, general color scheme. You website may include a contact database, the design of a newsletter, and more.

- Get a Database & Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The Matchmaking Institute’s Database & CRM is an online solution for independent matchmakers & dating coaches worldwide, serving as a CRM, a marketing tool to advertise clients, a search engine to generate matches, and a communication center to network with other matchmakers & coaches.

This is the turn key solution for all your matchmaking needs: lead tracking, customer relationship management, search & matching tool, alerts to better serve your clients, and more. The Matchmaking Institute’s CRM is the easiest way to turn leads into customers, increase efficiency & profits.

- Get a Qualified Lead Generator

The Matchmaking Institute is committed to introducing singles to Professional Matchmakers, in a confidential, safe and secure manner, while providing them information that may assist their decision-making process. The Matchmakers Multiple Listing Service (MMLS) is a confidential singles database used by Professional Matchmakers worldwide to search for potential matches for their clients. When singles decide to list their profile on MMLS, they can be matched with one of the matchmakers’ clients.

The MMLS concept is similar to the Real Estate MLS (multiple listing service). The real estate industry, as we know it today, has used this idea since the early 1970's, and could not survive without it. This gives you great exposure to a pool of matchmakers always searching for matches for their clients. Approved Members have a private access to the Multiple Listing Service. This access is totally confidential and secured. Information is made available to Professional Matchmakers only.

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STEP 3 - Getting a Seal of Approval

Once your business plan has been successfully reviewed by a representative of the Matchmaking Institute and you have agreed to abide by the Matchmaking Institute's Code of Ethics, your information will be submitted to the Professional Matchmakers Association Board of Directors for approval. Reviews for approval are processed once every quarter.
If approved, you will receive:
- The Membership Seal to display on your website and marketing materials
- Your official Documentation of Membership to the Professional Matchmakers Association

Membership is free but, as we take pride in maintaining quality in the industry, membership can be suspended or cancelled if a company is not in good standing. The primary reasons may be if a business is no longer operating or if we receive complaints that are not properly addressed.

Matchmakers who are entering into the field are considered Approved Members; Matchmakers with a minimum of 2 years in business are considered Executive Members.

Membership benefits in brief
- Gain credibility by being part of a network geared toward regulating the industry
- Gain substantial exposure from nationwide marketing and PR;
- Receive referrals;
- Expand your clients' potential matches with access to MMLS;
- Get access to the Association Message Board;
- Pool resources with other matchmakers across the country to facilitate matches on a national scale;
- Have the support of a network, while maintaining the privacy of your business;
Exemption: Professional Matchmakers that meet the following criteria are exempt from purchasing the Start-Up Kit and can apply directly to become an Executive Member of the Professional Matchmakers Association:
- Be in business for at least two years
- Give us a reference of anyone who can vouch for them
- Have at least 10 current clients
- Have no unresolved or pending complaints
- Have a working website
- Agree to abide by the Matchmaking Institute's Code of Ethics