Professional Matchmakers Association
      Benefits for Clients

Matchmakers' clients are the first to benefit from a matchmaker's membership to the Professional Matchmakers Association.

Clients' Benefits

- The Professional Matchmakers Association offers its members a way to be more efficient and gain greater exposure for their business and their clients.
- The Professional Matchmakers Association offers more resources allowing its members to be the most up to date professional matchmakers in the industry.
- The Professional Matchmakers Association offers a better chance to find a perfect match by allowing the matchmaker to find matches outside of his/her database.

Clients don't have to think twice before hiring their matchmaker

- Clients hire a network of matchmakers and a world of resources instead of just a single matchmaker.
- Clients benefit from quality control and accountability; they can rate their matchmaker and submit feedback on the quality of services received.
- Clients benefit from a worldwide network, for a broader reach and access to matches around the world should they travel or relocate to another state in the US or abroad.

Once approved, you will receive a letter addressing your clients:

The Company __________ has been approved as a Member of the Professional Matchmakers Association.

All approved professional matchmakers vow to adhere to the highest quality standards in the industry and follow a strict code of ethics.

When you work with an approved matchmaker, you know they have been recognized as providing exceptional service to their clients. They will get to know you and will screen everyone first so that you'll feel confident that you're meeting genuine people.

Our network of approved matchmakers understand your needs and puts your time at a premium. All the legwork of searching for the "right one" is done for you by your matchmaker. You save time, so you can keep all your energy for meeting your date. Your dates are prescreened for you so you can be sure that you are meeting people that are who they say they are and have the same relationship goals as you.

Our network of approved matchmakers maintain strict confidentiality of all client accounts and will not divulge, discuss or otherwise exploit any restricted material related to client profile, status or record of activity.

As a client, you do not have to think twice before hiring your matchmaker: you benefit from quality control and are always welcome to send the Matchmaking Institute any feedback.

Signed by the Matchmaking Institute