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A Word from Lisa Clampitt, CSW
Matchmaking Institute's Executive Director

Lisa Clampitt"I have a fun, rewarding, and enjoyable job. I make my own hours, I go out most nights, and generally have a great time. I only work with people I like, and I never take on ethically compromising assignments. However, strangely enough, I have few peers in my field. As such, there is very little common knowledge surrounding my business, and public perception tends to be rampant with stereotypes, misinformation, and misconceptions. That's why I co-founded the Matchmaking Institute, now the Matchmaking Institute: to set the record straight about an industry that has historically been shrouded in mystery and stigma: matchmaking.

That's right. I'm a matchmaker. I've been an old-fashioned, face-to-face, matchmaker for the past eight years and I love it. Before pursuing a career in professional matchmaking, I worked with people in a very different arena: I was a social worker. During my twelve years in social work, including my three-year tenure at Bellevue Hospital in New York, I worked primarily with children and families under extreme emotional duress. Naturally, the job began to take its toll on me, and I found myself more and more emotionally drained, and less and less professionally effectual in my position. I wanted to continue working with people in a supportive, helping capacity, but was having an increasingly difficult time handling these very sensitive cases. So, I turned my love of counseling, working with people, and helping others into something more upbeat: a career as a professional matchmaker.

Over the last ten years, the career of matchmaking has made a huge comeback and now, more than ever, singles are enlisting professional matchmakers to help them find "the one". The continued and exponential growth in the matchmaking industry demonstrates that today's singles are putting their love life at the top of their priority list. There has never been a better time to enter the field of matchmaking!

Matchmaking is an excellent way to become self employed in a business that is yours to name, and profit from as you see fit. But more importantly, it will give the opportunity to cultivate the most sacred emotion that we, as human beings, so greatly prize and cherish: Love."

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By Lisa Clampitt, CSW, Matchmaking Institute's Executive Director

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